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Gone, but never forgotten

On this day, the world paid a heartfelt tribute to a truly special man.  A man whose presence was known and felt in every corner of the world.  The man who put South Africa on the international map.  The man that taught people to love and to forgive.  To see people for who they were inside and not for the colour of their skin.  A man who lived in the hearts of the masses and will continue to hold a place there.  The man who brought the world to South Africa’s doorstep today.

I did not get the privilege to take a photo with you or to even shake your hand.  I was, however, blessed to have walked this earth when you did.  Blessed to have felt your presence and influence in this country of ours, first hand.

Thank you Madiba.  Thank you for fighting so hard with so many others for the freedom that we enjoy today.  Thank you for making us  proud to call ourselves South Africans. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I will miss you. (I’m pretty sure the rest of your rainbow nation will too…)

You will continue to live in our hearts. Always.





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