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Happily ever after – Part 2 (Decor)

Let me start by saying this:  I love decor like I love design.  I see something beautifully put together with colours that complement and textures that add to its charm.  I even have a “Decor Delicious” Pinterest board which has more pins than any of my other boards!

With the wedding decor, I wanted to make whatever I could.  Two reasons for this decisions.  I enjoy DIY and I wanted to save as much costs as possible.  My favorite decor element from our Spring Day wedding is below:

Wine bottle centre pieceIt came out way better than I expected!  I used gold thread and double sided tape to cover the wine bottle and Savannah bottle, made a tissue paper flower to rest at the base and put two pretty pink gerberas (my favorite flower) in each bottle. We did green bottle centre pieces too, but sadly these were not set up the way we wanted them to be…

Another big part of our decor was chalkboard signs.

confetti pail signsWelcome signtwo families-01empty glasses framed print

chalkboard seating chart

Photography screen

The last pic above is of our photography screen which is now in our bedroom 🙂

Some other reception pics

front row tablesmain table


Well that’s it for decor 🙂



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