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Down the same road again. Courtesy of Telkom.

Those of you living in South Africa will know what I’m talking about.  You’ve probably also experienced your fair share of hassles with our only ADSL line service provider.  I wish there was a way I didn’t have to deal with Telkom at all, but I want an ADSL connection so I suppose I need to pay the price.  I know there are other providers like Mweb and Afrihost that offer complete packages but these packages cannot include the telephony line rental – which we need to have in order to get an ADSL line.  The only provider of this line is of course Telkom – or Hellkom as it is dubbed by some.

I’m usually a very patient person, but when you’ve been told almost ten months in a row that you’re owing someone money (when you don’t owe them anything), it can lead to a bit of anger and frustration.  Every month I get the text to say that my account is in arrears and I need to pay to avoid suspension.  And every month I phone up the call centre and explain my situation and I’m told a different story as to why I owe them.  The first month’s billing was neglect on their part as I was not informed of pro rate charges, once I was told this was the reason I happily paid this amount and thought that was the end of it.  Sadly it wasn’t.  Thereafter, it was a system error and I was being billed for the wrong package.  Then it was reconnection fees (which I should not be liable for in the first place since it was not my fault that the line was disconnected).  Today I made what was probably my 15th or so call to their call centre and I reached the point where I asked to speak to a superior.  I was put on hold and a few minutes later an automated  voice came up saying “you have reached us outside of office hours…..”  How is this possible, if I was just on the phone with someone in the department just minutes earlier?

I have no idea what to do anymore, if anyone has had any luck dealing with Telkom, please enlighten me as to how I should be approaching this.  If this continues, I might have to resort back to 3g *cringe*.  But anything is better than dealing with this on a monthly basis.




2 thoughts on “Down the same road again. Courtesy of Telkom.

  1. Hey sorry uresha that must one frustration experience I’m not sure how you still sane after so many calls with no answers. You need dam a superior speak to you cause that account is ridiculous

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