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Going with the flow

When you feel inspired you feel alive…

In my very first blog post I spoke about being inspired by our surroundings (in this case it was the Fire & Ice hotel).

Yesterday however, surroundings did not matter.  We all love it when plans comes together and I am no exception. And when ideas flow, you just have to ride the wave – even if it means staying up till 1am (and even when you both have full time jobs to wake up and get to in the morning).

Since our visit to the Fire & Ice, I have begun implementing our ideas {Mr C is more of an ideas man 😉 }.  After all, what’s the point in coming up with ideas if they are not implemented? Of course you’re not going to carry out every single idea, but the ones that have passed through the filter deserve your attention and action.

From a list of 8 things that required attention, I have managed to cross off 4. For someone who works full time, gets home and does laundry, dishes, tidying up and makes dinner and once that’s out of the way starts on any projects I may have for existing rebel ink clients, I’d say 4 out of 8 is pretty good.  Now that was not said to make me seem like some kind of wonder woman (cos I’m really not, I’m just really motivated), but it was more of an affirmation that anything you want to do YOU CAN DO.  I always thought I didn’t have time to write a blog, so I pushed it to the side for so long.  But here I am, blogging.  I may not post every day, but when I do post I feel great.  I love to write but don’t really take the time out to do so.

Back to my  list of 8…

  1. Pay CC dues for rebel ink
  2. Open up a business bank account
  3. Design FB timeline cover, thumbnail and a few portfolio items
  4. Publish FB company page
  5. Redesign invoices & quotes
  6. Design a gift voucher
  7. Website design & content
  8. Publish website before January 15th

My CC dues are paid and up to date.  I published my company FB page this week and set up some ads to run next week.  The gift voucher was designed yesterday and I’ll put up a pic, once I get them printed. Hopefully the Facebook fanbase will grow so I can start giving away some goodies 🙂  {If you have any suggestions on what you would like us to give away (design related of course), drop me a mail or comment here.  I’d love to hear your suggestions}.  The bank account will probably get sorted this weekend, since my dues are now paid.  The website design is one that will probably take a bit longer than the others but that’s okay.  I just want to make sure I get it right.



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