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A choclatey chunk of Heaven (Daily Prompt)

Hot and cold.  Dark and light.  Creamy yet delectable.

What is it I speak of? Two words: Brownie Obsession

What a fitting name for this delicious chunk of chocolate Heaven. Obsession is exactly right.  After three years of being back in SA after living in New York, I still talk about this and think about this whenever I see “brownies and ice-cream” on a menu.

If you’ve ever been to TGIFridays, chances are you’ve also been fortunate enough to experience this divine treat.  The image below (photographed by Joling Yeoh)is the only one I’ve come across – from a quick Google search that perfectly captures the beauty of the TGIF Brownie Obsession.  Don’t you just want to reach out and devour it?

This post was in response to Daily Prompt:Simply Irresistible.


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