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Visions for the future

A while back I started a vision board at the office.  I was feeling down and needed a pick me up. Something to make me look forward to the future instead of dwell on current circumstances.   My friend whose desk is alongside mine also needed a bit of a mood booster.  There was a notice board on the wall above our desks with stuff that had absolutely no relevance to either of us. So we took all the other stuff down, chucked it in the recycling box, borrowed some drawing pins and started {literally} pinning! {No offense Pinterest but we needed something that worked even when our Internet didn’t…}

I’ve uploaded a pic of my “half” of the board.  It’s still a work in progress but I like how it’s coming along.  Miss N  also wants to travel and see the world, so it was only fitting that we put a World Map smack bang in the middle of our vision.  We only had a few red pins but there’s so many places we want to see…

vision board

Creativity makes up for most of my board, with pics of art studios and easels.  And next year, come hell or high water, I WILL be at the Loeries in Cape Town! I’m even going to get myself a really pretty cocktail dress just for the occasion 🙂

Who knows, maybe I’ll see you there 😉




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