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To Theme or not to Theme?

Airplane party themeNowadays every event seems to be “themed’ – whether it’s a birthday party, baby shower or even just a dinner party.  The theme can be as elaborate as coordinating the invitations, decor, food and entertainment or as simple as having a cake with your child’s favorite cartoon character printed on accompanied by a backdoor barbeque. {And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this}

Pro’s of having a theme

  1. Adds a fun element to your event
  2. Your guests will be pleasantly surprised
  3. Keeps your guests entertained
  4. Makes for great photos {provided your camera is working the way it should, which is sometimes not the case for me – hence I end up sticking to my trusted iPhone}


  1. Rising costs {Although if you love DIY as much as I do, there’s lots you can do on a budget}
  2. More work for you
  3. Even more work for you

With both Mr C and I both being graphic designers, you can guess which side of the fence we are on. Personally I love themes, it adds excitement to any event and the best part is that I get to be creative and get my hands dirty with DIY 🙂

Recently we’ve had quite a few events to keep us on our feet and sleep deprived…

Recent themed events on our calendar:

Our Wedding – Happily Ever After {If Mr C had his way, the theme would have just been Bling, bling, bling!  We only chose this because it was supposed to be the easiest and cheapest since we already had a few things to get us started.   Unfortunately we did end up doing way more than we should have – the result:  two very exhausted people just hours before “I do”.}

Dad’s 60th – Elvis Rocks

Mr C’s aunt’s 60th – Casino Royale (This party ended up being a month later than her birthday which was on October 2nd but better late than never right?)

Halloween {This was originally supposed to just four other people meeting up at our place so we could head over to Movida together to party the night away, but we ended taking it just a step further…}

I’ll be posting some pics in future posts, so keep an eye out 🙂




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