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Inspiration from a likely source

So yesterday Mr C & I went to the Fire & Ice in Melrose Arch in search of some inspiration for launching our “baby” into the world in 2014. rebelink was actually founded in 2009 and I’ve been doing some freelance work since then under the brand. I finally decided that I wanted it to be so much more and vowed that after our wedding I would give it the attention it deserves.  In recent times Mr C has also taken rebelink under his wing. You see, rebelink & I are kind of a package deal, so he didn’t have much of a choice 😀

Back to the Fire & Ice.

We chose this location because we knew, without a doubt that it would get our creative juices flowing. We had spent our honeymoon in Cape Town, and staying at the Fire & Ice inspired us so much, that we spent more of our time there talking about creative ideas and the possibilities for rebelink.  Romantic hey?

We arrived at Melrose Arch around 6:30pm and only left around 11pm. Ideas were flying and it was probably the most we had talked in a while!  Between our full time jobs, me working on rebelink in the evenings and him working all crazy hours there hasn’t really been much time for us to just be. Anyway we came up with so many ideas and can’t wait to implement them in the new year.  We’re definitely going to make a habit of going to places like this more often.  To be able to come up with ideas and to have all these creative juices flowing makes us feel alive.

What about you?  Is there a particular place – coffee shop, restaurant or store that inspires you?




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